Liquid Soapmaking

I loved my last batch of liquid soap and just emptied the last of it in my pump. Time to make a new batch. Now thanks to the large amount of water in liquid soap, I made the recipe fairly small so I could count it as an experiment yet still have enough that I could mess up a thinning and still have enough paste to try again.

Celebration time!

I have stuff to celebrate lately! I have a permanent full time position as of last week, I figured out how to save money by clearing my own packages from customs and I received an order I should have placed months ago.

Guess Who’s Back!

Ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t forget about you. I’m back and have a few things to share from while I was away from this blog. I’ll post them in different blog posts but first: one from this weekend. I know, I’ll be going all over the place in terms of timeline but you might only notice if I choose to write the times of creation of these various things.

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