Celebration time!

I have stuff to celebrate lately! I have a permanent full time position as of last week, I figured out how to save money by clearing my own packages from customs and I received an order I should have placed months ago.

New Stuff

I’m thrilled with what I bought.  Sure that was about 2 months ago, but going through the photos on this page, I am even more excited than I was when I got it!

Guess Who’s Back!

Ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t forget about you. I’m back and have a few things to share from while I was away from this blog. I’ll post them in different blog posts but first: one from this weekend. I know, I’ll be going all over the place in terms of timeline but you might only notice if I choose to write the times of creation of these various things.

Nature crafting

I started pinning stuff to make but not actually making anything. You know, a typical optimist. I did end up making one of the crafts with her: a pinecone bird feeder.

Mother’s day

On my front: I spent some quality time with my daughter last night and this morning so I’m joyful!  Last evening, as my fiancé was changing my car into it’s summer attire, I was at the Bord De L’eau with my girl.  We ended up picking some pine cones to make cute crafts with this week.

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