I was raised knowing that handmade things are often better. They’re made with love and care. Some of the things are necessities but if we offer it to someone else, it’s because we care.

Over the years, I would pride myself in my handmade items. Crafts, writings, drinks or food, everything was to be shared; to share the joy I took in making something. As I shared these things, it was often suggested I sell them too!

When I chose to listen to these people, I opted not to limit myself to one making, one type of thing. I wanted to be open to change and mostly about discussing what I was up to. Telling the story of how a product came to be is the most interesting part of crafting for me. So with this in mind, the Wendover Crafter was born. A blog first and foremost, where you get to see me try, fail or triumph certain projects.

Follow me along my journey or making things. See where it takes you!