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I’m back, not with a recap of my past 8 months but with a brand-new liquid soap recipe I made a couple of weeks ago!

I loved my last batch of liquid soap and just emptied the last of it in my pump. Time to make a new batch. Now thanks to the large amount of water in liquid soap, I made the recipe fairly small so I could count it as an experiment yet still have enough that I could mess up a thinning and still have enough paste to try again. I’m not looking at selling my stuff anytime soon and so I don’t want to have so much paste I don’t know what to do with it. Also, I didn’t know how this batch would turn out. I didn’t note the last recipe I used anywhere so with this, I would have wasted less ingredients if it failed.

It went very well despite my apprehension. I used a different lye calculator this time, using The Soap Calculator rather than the one I used last time (I think that was but I don’t know for sure). I use Brambleberry’s for soap bars but for liquid soap it recommends sodium hydroxide just like solid bars. Every other soap maker states that for liquid soaps,
potassium hydroxide should be used. That’s why I went for a different calculator. This is the recipe I used:

The recipe I used

It turned out very similarly to the last batch I’d made so I’ll tell you all about the process here.

I measured out my oils then my potassium hydroxide and water.

Then, once my oils were melted in the slow cooker (one I had bought from a 2nd hand store for just over 5$ specifically for this purpose) I added the potassium hydroxide that I’d already diluted in water. I used my immersion blender to bring it all to emulsion as best as I could but that takes a really long time. Not wanting to blow the stick blender from excessive use, I switched to my hand mixer like I had last time I made this. Like last time, it worked out just fine.

I let it cook, keeping an eye on it and stirring it taking breaks here and there. At one point I got to mashed potato consistancy as it’s supposed to be and took an unexpected break then. Good thing I kept an eye on it though because I almost had the volcano happen.

Nothing a good mixing couldn’t fix though and I kept mixing until I finally got a paste that had an apple sauce colour (though not consistency)

At this point, I let it cook longer to be safe and because the last batch I’d made was harder. Then I remembered the last batch I’d made had a potassium/sodium hydroxide blend for the lye and realized that might have something to do with the hardness. So I packed it all up and made a little 500ml jar where I place by weight, about 200g of paste and about 200g of water. I added about 4ml of Lilac fragrance and about 6ml of Newborn Kisses fragrance if I remember correctly. It was too much though. Too much Newborn Kisses that it. It leaves a strong baby powder scent behind but not much else.

It’s fairly runny with that consistency. I took that over to my mom who happened to have an empty dollar store foaming pump so I mixed 1 part water to 1 part pre-mixed liquid soap and it was heavenly. The only “problem” was that I’d already added the colourant to it which almost entirely ended up in the bottom of the jar.

I tried adding some salt water to the pre-mixed soap to thicken it up for the soap pump and it kept the colour suspended better but overall didn’t actually do much thickening. I don’t know what I did differently. I’ll have to go back to my old posts to find out but it’s usable as is anyway. It’s just not as satisfying as the thickness my last batch had. I remember it took me a few attempts then too though so I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I was just trying it in very small quantity and my salt water was so saturated that some of the salt wasn’t diluting in it anymore. I don’t know what happened but I’ve only tried with a very small amount of added salt water so I’m trying to see if just adding a little bit more salt water will help. I’m presently doing that slowly but surely.

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