8 Months Of Casual Crafting

Well, I was talking about soap the other day when I opened up this page to show off my stuff.  That’s when I realized it has been 8 months!  8 MONTHS since I last posted!  What the hell happened in 8 months?  It’s not like I haven’t crafted.  I just haven’t showed it off to the world it seems.  That feels strange to me since I’m a show off. 

Well, time to fix that and show off what I’ve actually done.  I’ll try to make it over a few posts in order to make them more manageable.  Not that it would get too far out of hand but there is a lot to cover.

So:  Since my last post, I first made lotion.  I don’t know what I did but it did NOT work out.  It  was a runny mess and ended up in the garbage.  For that reason, I won’t post it’s recipe.


I, not long after that, made some BBQ sauce.  Canned it out and it’s still, months later, as delicious as day 1.
I used my favourite Beer BBQ recipe and just changed the beer itself for a slightly different taste.  It’s my go-to BBQ sauce.  That thing is so delicious, I have to make it in a double batch and hand some to my parents and siblings.  I strongly recommend you visit that site and make a batch.  All I do differently is after I poured the hot liquid in mason jars, I process it in a hot water bath for about 20 minutes.  This way I can keep it in the cupboard for longer (I think – the one we have now is about 8 months old and still tastes delicious.)

Sometime before this I was also messing around with some moulds I had bought on AliExpress and made a few cute little soaps for my daughter.

So, that’s it for this part of the update.  I’ll be trying to upload more stuff in the coming week.  I’ve done way more than what’s here.  That was just a few weeks worth of updates.  There was so much more that happened.

Unfortunately between everything going on the past couple of months, I’ve been busier than before.  Not only do I work full time at the hospital but now I also have to moonlight as a teacher and I have to entertain an only child who no longer has any friends her age to hangout with.  Needless to say, despite all the recognition we (hospital staffers) are getting, it’s still taking a toll on me.  I can only imagine everyone else who isn’t getting to talk in person to people they know and love.  My thoughts actually go out to them.  Anyway, I’ll post more updates soon.  Maybe even some recipes, who knows 😀

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