I’ve been going through my Pinterest page lately, thinking of how long it’s been since I’ve crafted something. Anything at all. It’s been a while and I’ve been working a lot. Crafting goes hand in hand with free time for me. And then it hit me!

I’d been racking my brain to find a birthday gift for my mom. Something useful because I don’t think something that has no use should be given. As I was doing this, I remembered seeing her lotion I had given her in the past was mostly empty. I had some liquid soap left too! So there, I’d make her a little gift box.

While out in Rockland, I bought a couple of pumps that match her bathroom. When back, I colored and scented the soap and made the lotion. For that, I used BrambleBerry’s (Soap Queen) tutorial. I coloured and scented both with the same blend in proportional amounts.

The lotion is super easy, here’s my “recipe”

280g Distilled Water

20g Stearic Acid

20g Emulsifying Wax

4g Preservative

2g Essential Oil

1g Vitamin E

20g Almond Oil

16g Shea Butter

16g Coconut Oil

20g Cocoa Butter

As per indicated by the Soap Queen blog, I placed the Almond Oil, Stearic Acid, Emulsifying Wax, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter in a 4l measuring cup. I placed that in the microwave for 5 minutes at 40%.

During that time, I warmed up the water and sterilized the pumps and the rest of the equipment I was going to use. When the oils and wax were melted, I added the shea butter and melted that in the hot mix. I carefully added the hot water while stirring vigorously with a spoon. Then used the stick blender to emulsify the lotion.

When it thickened a bit, I added the Vitamin E, Essential Oil, Preservative and a tiny bit of mica, I cannot stress how little of it I put in there. It was about ¼ of a 0.15ml spoon of blue and ⅛ of a 0.15ml spoon or firecracker red. Blended that in and by then, the lotion was just runny enough to pour. Those 400g of lotion were definitely going to be too much for the 375g jar I made for my mom. So I grabbed little containers I had that were pre-sterilised, I just dunked them shut in the bleach water so the inside would remain dry while the outside would be cleaned (probably not sterile though).

When all was poured in, I had the large jar a small travel size full and a travel size, about a third of the way full. I was pretty happy with the result. Specially considering that the last lotion I’d made was basically liquid, this was a whole lot thicker to start.

I will specify though that I put that little colour in since I’d undoubtedly put too much in the soap. It’s fine and washes off but definitely too much. It was about 4 or 5 of those .15ml spoons of the blue, full but not heaping. No red in this one, the soap being orangish naturally gave the result of a turquoise like colour.

Overall though, I’m stoked with these results! It looks clean and fancy, it’s useful and handmade. What do you think?

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