Celebration time!

I have stuff to celebrate lately! I have a permanent full time position as of last week, I figured out how to save money by clearing my own packages from customs and I received an order I should have placed months ago.

That order includes 2 products I’m most excited about. More-so now that I’ve made tester samples of them and they seem to react perfectly to melt and pour!

All the colours I got from Nurture Soap

The first one that has me excited is Really Red pigment powder. In a few weeks, I’ll re-make the Canada flag soap with this red. Hopefully this time around it won’t bleed all over the white interior. This Really Red from Nurture Soap supplies seems to want to do the trick thus far! It looks paler in photo than in person.

Side view of Really Red

The second thing I’m most excited about is the Glow In The Dark pigment from Nurture Soap supplies as well. This one will be cool in the products I can use it in. It’s not meant for everything though so this will mostly in soaps and such. Still it’s super cool to watch this thing just light up when the lights go off! Check it out on my Instagram account or on Facebook. It’s freaking awesome! I’m thinking Halloween will be fun this year! I already have some ideas on how I’ll use it!

sorry for the crappy image quality

Please let me know if you have any use suggestions for this glow in the dark pigment. I’ll see what I can make to show it off here!

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