Artistic soap


Ok, I challenged myself but this is a challenge nonetheless. Make a scenery soap.

I had the cactus mold already and had some grey melt and pour I was unhappy with. I melted the grey melt and pour, added some blue ultramarine to make a small river at the bottom of the mould. To do this, I used broken pieces of soap, melted them I to a unicorn mould then reshaped it flat and river like.

I then tried to make sand colour with white melt and pour, I added some pink, orange, purple, green, a different green and some silver. I ended up pinkish beige somehow! Surprisingly so, I might add. I figured all these colours could turn the mix brown. The lightness was a welcomed factor. I poured this as best as I could around the river. That didn’t work out very well but it was all right.

In the sand I added the pre-made cactie as best as I could.

From there, the idea was to have an airy/clear middle. I unfortunately poured it too hot and it made a bit of the beige soap come up. I stopped pouring about midway up the cactus to let the “dust” set around ground level and when a thick enough crust I poured some more clear soap.

Because of the sandstorm effect at the bottom I figured this needed some stormy clouds up top. So to the rest of the melted clear soap, I added blue ultramarine and whisked it up with a mini mixer. With the added bubbles, the mix almost looked like clouds! Just what I was going for!

With the leftover soap I just poured them into hearts and unicorns. My daughter will then have more play soap to go along the few cactus and keys she has.

While I was making this, the scenery soap was setting. I was so anxious to see the outcome, I took photos of it in the mould ?

When I did finally get it out of the mould, I went picture crazy. Lol, I think I took more photos of it than my own daughter! In all seriousness though: it ended up a bit more cloudy than I wanted. It was hard to get proper focus because of the cloudiness. I think I made it work though!

What do you think? Pass of Fail?

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