Easiest Craft

This just has to be the easiest “craft” I’ve ever done.  I even quoted “craft” since it’s honestly just using glue and things I had around the house!

For that reason, this post will be short and sweet.  It’s a short 3 step process.  2 if you want even simpler and that includes buying the materials.  So let’s get this show on the road!

First: at your favourite Dollar Store, pickup some wooden clothespins, some wood or craft glue and a small blackboard that has an edge.  Whichever size you want for the blackboard but I went with one that’s about the size of a photo frame.  If you already have clothespins, you only need a few (I used 6 since I bought a new pack but I hang our clothes often and will use up the rest of the pack.

Second (optional step): paint the blackboard frame.  If you opt to do this, ensure the paint completely dries before going to the next step.

Third: Glue the clothespins onto the edge of the blackboard.  Make sure to use even pressure so it sticks on.

Voilà!  You now have a lost and found sock board.

Feel free to write anything you’d like in the middle.  If you don’t have chalk and it didn’t come with one, you could use paint. You could use liquid paper… This might create a more permanent message on your board but will be equally cute.

Alternatively to wooden clothespins, you could use the plastic ones and screw them in but you’d need tiny screws and the wood on that dollar store stuff is a bit frail so I don’t know how well that would fare in the end.

That’s basically it!  Let me know what you think and if you made one of these.  I will write up a new post shortly.

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