Learned A Great New Skill

I don’t know about you but I religiously moisturise my hands at night. They otherwise are crazy dry and uncomfortable. Lotion is one of the many products I use daily. I was then quite happy when I realized I had all the ingredients to make lotion at home!

Despite my complete lack of originality, I prefer using my own blend of ingredients. I do want to give credit where it is due though. Soap Queen has a great deal of recipes I love but I used their guideline found here for my lotion.

Because I just wanted to test it out, I didn’t want to make much of it. I first wrote out my ingredients by percentage. The jars I used held right around 100 ml so I just used 1%=1ml.

Mostly per the instructions in the post, I melted the oils and wax in a double boiler. Leaving out the water, aloe, preservative, vitamin E and fragrance. I did so in a double boiler (a 1 cup Pyrex measuring cup in a small pot with a bit of water.) Once that was mixed, I let it cool a bit and with a mini mixer (frother to be precise) I blended in the rest.






Emulsifying Wax






Vitamin E


Almond oil


Shea Butter


Coconut Oil

While the oils were melting and cooling, I tried to sterilize my dollar store plastic jars in boiling water. That was a mistake! The caps were fine but the jars laughably shriveled and became unusable. Into the recycling bin those went. See the result of my thoughtless action below:

I ended up spraying them with 91% isopropyl alcohol instead… Let’s forget I forgot plastic wasn’t meant to sustain heat.

The end result though; AMAZING! I was weary since DIY lotion apparently can go bad. My mom has had the thing since end of November now? About that and it’s still holding up!

Considering I put lotion on my hands daily, I will soon have to replicate this. And make more. It’s that nice!

I would show you what my hands look like when the lotion is rubbed in but then you’d just see hands. That’s not an interesting shit at all so we’ll keep it at this.

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