Guess Who’s Back!

Ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t forget about you. I’m back and have a few things to share from while I was away from this blog. I’ll post them in different blog posts but first: one from this weekend. I know, I’ll be going all over the place in terms of timeline but you might only notice if I choose to write the times of creation of these various things.

Yesterday was my best friend’s baby shower. She’s getting lots of hand-me-downs and will be getting more for sure. I didn’t know what to get her and this wasn’t a co-ed shower where the boys are asked to bring diapers. So I set out to fill that gap and offer her a diaper cake.

Those things are super easy to make. You hardly even need a tutorial for this! I grabbed 3 cake pans of different sizes, a box of diapers from Costco (and gave her the rest), some baby wipes, a bib, some mesh laundry bags, a hooded towel, a bottle brush, a travel wipes container, some travel soaps and lotions, and for mom, a couple of packs of Skittles.

Not a bad start I’d say

All you do is tightly pack diapers in a round cake pan and when you can’t fit any more, you tightly tie them up (I used some cheap twine from the dollar store). You’re now good to move on to the next pan size. Repeat as many times as you’d like and then move on to decorating.

A hidden surprise for mom

I chose to put a burlap ribbon around and top that with a small brown ribbon with leaves intertwined on top. I think it matches the woodland theme mom is going for. I then proceeded to shove the goodies in between the burlap and diapers. The fit was snug and kept everything in place, just the way I wanted. The wipes are heavy though and tried to pull down the top cake that they were attached to so I put some small dowels I had laying around in there to keep it all together since the bottle brush didn’t seem to do the trick.

On the above photos, you don’t see that leafy ribbon. I found it later. I even had large clear gift bag to keep it all together and easily carry the whole thing!

I also brought fruits and veggies. I had seen this lion veggie tray on Pinterest which looked like a lion… though I forgot some aspects of it and it ended up looking like a mouse amidst a veggie tray lol.

Could have been better

Overall, it was a great day! We mingled, we had fun, we played games and now I go back to my usual crafting ways! And some spring cleaning so you’ll surely see some DIY cleaners pop up shortly here.

See you soon!

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