It’s been a while

I’ve been working and taking care of my family so much, I’ve forgotten to keep you posted on my makings this past month!

The first thing I had made after the charcoal soap was fruit soap. I had run out of my last batch and needed more Apple pomegranate scented soap so I tried a slightly different approach since I was out of red food colouring but had red mica.

So I started off with opaque melt and pour soap mixed the fragrance and green in there and poured into a long square mould. Then mixed an orange layer of part opaque, part clear soap. Then mixed a red top layer of clear soap.

When all was set and ready to unmould the next day, the soap loaf looked like this:

I made a crucial mistake when cutting the soap and that was to cut it from the top rather than the side. What that caused was seperation of the layers breaking half of the soap bars. They otherwise would have done just fine.

They are gorgeous though (the ones that made the cut) and as per the previous batch, they smell edible. They aren’t, but they smell yummy!

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