Coal Lumps

Well, Christmas is fast approaching and I decided to get working on some cute inspirations again this year. This week, I got a few days where I started late and everyone was at school or at work so I decided to get cracking on some holiday projects I had my eye on for a while now. Starting with this one:

Photo from Humblebee And Me

Pretty cool right? I hadn’t even checked the link until I wrote this so as to just use the idea but in my own way. It’s basically the same principle as the soap stones I’ve previously made. However, now that I know this is from Humblebee And Me, I strongly recommend you check out the rest of her site. She has some awesome information on there and she’s quite creative!

Well, back to our muttons… Sorry, I had to slip this french expression in there.

So on Thursday, I set out to make something like that photo for myself. With just a few hours to go, I took out some oils, mixed them up, remembered I needed to calculate my lye because one oil was different than my other batches; all that to say: I went for it.

I even ended up seperating some to make a sub for a future soap! We’ll see that later. I added a bit of activated charcoal, some sterling silver mica, some white diamond mica (with glitter). Looks promising so far right?

To this I added some Lavender essential oil and some Newborn Kiss fragrance, about 57g of the lavender to 10g of the Newborn Kiss. Give or take. At that point, I realised why my other soaps smell “meh”. I have a tendency to WAY undercut the amount of fragrance required!

Poured the mixture into some mould that hold about the right amount to later shape them into coal Lumps. Out the away to start curing.

A couple of days later, they’re hard enough to pop out of the mould and soft enough to shape. So I rolled one up and dusted it with more charcoal/sterling silver/white diamond blend.

What do you think?

Here’s the proportions I used:

500g Coconut Oil

200g Avocado Oil

150g Lard

110g Olive Oil

110g Canola Oil

353g Water

165.5g Sodium Hydroxide

57g Lavender Essential Oil

10g Newborn Kiss Fragrance Oil

Activated Charcoal

This made over a dozen bricks of soap plus a tube for a later soap.

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