Guess who’s back, back again. I am back, tell a friend! Yeah, my music to and from work has involved some music from my teens. My only days off have involved birthday parties and shopping for them. Every once in a while, I get time to dream of ways to make my crafting life simpler. One of the things I spotted was this soap cutter:

I was determined to make it! Well, months later, I finally drove into our local hardware store and grabbed a scrap plank of wood. It was about 42 inches long and in somewhat rough shape. A few quick measurements and I made the first cut. 12 inches straight cut. The next one will be 12 inches as well. It’ll then be cut in 2 seperate pieces. It’s a diagonal cut where I measured about 4 inches at the left top, 4 inches at the right bottom, lined that up diagonally then cut.

Sand it up. All sides were well sanded and that’s where my dad comes in. Pressing each side on this sander until neat and smooth. Unlike me, he’s put even pressure on at all times. We then cut notches into the sides, glued it and nailed it together.

My dad then cut up some scrap metal sheets into the perfect width to fit the slits. And the result couldn’t make me happier!

Awesome right?! Now if only I can take a couple of hours to make soap. Christmas soap (my, I don’t want to think Christmas before rememberance day but 6 weeks before Christmas is pretty damn soon.

With that said, there likely will be some more activity here from me. Maybe even me making another one of these!

Anything in particular you’re looking to see me make? Let me know!

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