Crochet butterflies

These days, I still find myself unable to craft much because I still work 2 jobs. So when I get a brief moment where my little family is sleeping and I have to stay up, I craft.

I have such a weekend right now. I have just enough time to make about a dozen of this butterfly and this flower pattern.

They’re super cute and the diagram is very simple to understand! If you’re not a fan of diagrams, she’s written down the directions for that single row pattern.

Because it’s just one row, here are some pictures of me making them. All under one line. That’s how simple they are too make!

Starting off
1/4 off the way done

They are so cute. Last night I made some butterflies, tonight I’ll make some flowers. The idea is to do a crochet lace dress for my wedding. Knowing myself, that idea will probably be ditched but I hope I have the will to keep on making this. I see all these Russian magazines with gorgeous designs. And I’m still tempted to make my own.

Link leads to Russian site where this image is from.

I can’t find the links to the last 2 anymore since they led to a Russian Pinterest.

For now, I’ll stick to making these flowers and butterflies.

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