Canada Day

Today is one of my favourite days of the year! Today is Canada Day! The 151st birthday of my home country. Since I’m working on this hot summer day I figured I’d instead revisit the soap I’m most proud of. My Canada flag soap.

Despite the fact that it ended up leeching out, this soap still smells awesome and looks cool. Not as cool a fresh bars but still.

Last year, I got some silicone ice cube moulds from Amazon that are maple leaf shaped. I’ll admit, I didn’t think things through before making this. I was far too excited.

I poured melt and pour soap that was died with red food coloring in a large “mould” which really was just an old fridge tray. I filled it up. To the top. Not a good idea. Because it’s rigid plastic, it took everything to just pop that out. That’s even though I saw it coming.

Then cut that long block in 4 lengthwise. I then put 1 slice on each side and pour a bit of white melt and pour. When that solidified, I carefully placed the maple leaf patterns in a line and pour some more white soap around the bottom of them to keep them in place. Once they were solid, poured a lot of white base to cover them, all the way to the top of the mold.

Front view of the soap in the mould
Side view of the soap in the mould

When they were originally cut, the lines were crisp and clean.

It didn’t take long before they got a blur to them from the red seeing it into the white. That’s what this post was all about.

In retrospect, I’d pour a bottom layer of red, then some white, then place the maple leafs, cover with white then top up with red for a true flag with less hassle. Despite that, patrioticly Canadian as I am, I’m still proudest of this creation.

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