Quick and Easy stuff

One of the downsides of working all the time is not having time to do all the things I want to craft. I hardly get around to keep up with making my daughter’s bath bombs. To save time and still get her that fun bath time, I decided to make her some “Magic Bath Powder”. It’s basically bath bomb mixture without it being pressed together.


The idea is super simple. Grab a handful of baking soda, a smaller handful of citric acid, toss in a squirt of baby oil or bath oil of some sort and (for the kid’s pleasure) some bath bomb colouring powder. Mix briefly with a fork or something of the sort. Toss the whole thing into the bath. It’s even more magical, I find, if you don’t mix the coulouring powder into the mix but rather just leave it separate as a “magic ingredient”. It takes some stirring to dissolve and will only gradually turn the bath colour.

There, in less than 2 minutes, I was able to take out all the stuff, mix it all up and put the ingredients away. Pretty good timing if you ask me! I can do a few bath’s worth in that small amount of time!

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