Nature crafting

Last week, Athena and I picked up some pinecones from the Bord De L’Eau (I say this in English too instead of “the waterfront” because where we live, it’s all waterfronts, so it’s just the name of my parent’s lot now).

The view is always inspiring there and Athena pointed the “cocottes” out so why not? Well, a week went by and they were still in a bag in the back of my car. Untouched. I started pinning stuff to make but not actually making anything. You know, a typical optimist. I did end up making one of the crafts with her: a pinecone bird feeder. It is super cute but I doubt it’ll be of any use for the birds we have here. It was kinda fun for a minute but Athena just had a new toy and a 5 year old with a new toy is hard to reign back into crafting. Specially since it only involved putting nut butter on it then rolling it in birdfeed.

That’s the winner shot right there!

See what I mean when I say: it makes pretty photos?! Gorgeous if you ask me! Totally worth it just for this shot lol. But the final product wasn’t so sexy ?

Final product

Well, it was fun… But we probably won’t do this again. It rained shortly after we put them up and despite being hidden in a tree, all of the goodies fell off the cocottes. Surely the birds would find the seeds on the ground but I fear the skunks will enjoy it more.

Do you have any suggestions on how to use the other pinecones we picked up?

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