Finding ingredients

Sorry, this post will probably be short. As I write this, who knows how much I’ll blab about irrelevant things though but for now, let’s keep that in mind.

I’ve turned to the Internet for many ingredients I use. By that I mean that with a bit of research, I have found many sources: some cheaper than others. One of those searches has been for “where to find bulk citric acid in Ottawa” or some other combination of those words. You see: shipping citric acid seems to be expensive, at least when I add it to Carts. In most cases, even the listed price is more expensive than certain stores I’ve walked into. Why by online when you can have it right now for less?

The problem is: that search yields results that are old and outdated. Bulk Barn is the worst source for citric acid. They don’t even have it in bulk. I have yet found it in any Walmart I’ve checked. The health food stores provided what I was looking for at varying prices but often in smaller bulk quantities (there often was shortage too where it was most affordable) but for every day shoppers, here’s what you need to know: if you don’t need 5kg or more of it, go to health food stores. Preferably the Natural Food Pantry in Billings Bridge or Pantry Plus in Orleans. The first has, hands down, the best price per 100g. I don’t remember their exact prices but those 2, when they had it, I’d just gobble up their supplies.

That was until I found BSC inc. turns out a tad more expensive than natural food pantry (I think it was about 1¢ or 2¢ per 100g more) but they have 5kg, 10kg or a bag (22.5 or 25kg). That bag is untaxed. The buckets are taxed since their repackaged.

That’s where I bought this 10kg of citric acid yesterday and I’m thinking of a way to fabricate a bath bomb press myself so I can make more! I’ll tell you more about that one I figured out the logistics of it because I don’t want to spend 300+$ on something like that. Not at this stage in production volume anyway.

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