Mother’s day

Today is the day! The one day per year where everyone will remind you to call your mother. Not that you shouldn’t, more so that you should do that more than just today (presuming your mother is alive and, like most moms, deserves talking to you) .

On my front: I spent some quality time with my daughter last night and this morning so I’m joyful! Last evening, as my fiancé was changing my car into it’s summer attire, I was at the Bord De L’eau with my girl. We ended up picking some pine cones to make cute crafts with this week. Here are a few links to some of the sites that inspired me:
Pinecone Bird Feeder
Pinecone Spiders

I will keep you posted as to what I do and how I choose to do it. I’ll only use the images I saved on Pinterest as a guide since that’s how I roll. Happy mother’s day to all the moms out there! XOXO

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