Bhasik Bath Boum

As you may be able to tell by the title, I didn’t really put much effort into this one. With summer fast approaching, there are plenty of things to do around the house. That combines with working every day is proving useful to my health in terms of exercice and snacking less, but when it comes to crafts, the time is impressively limited.

Sure, I do have some time I could dedicate to crafting, however, I prioritise other things right now. One of those being family time. So when the kid ran out of bath bombs, I suggested she helps me make more! It’s like baking together except the end product isn’t edible and proves FAR more fun!

So we took out a couple of mix and pour bowls from the dollar store, a whisk, the baking soda, citric acid corn starch, Epsom salt, bath bomb colourants, baby oil, witch hazel and fragrances! Today I picked baby powder scent, mixed with a little blackberry fig and some snickerdoodle cookie. It smells like a toddler that spilled some desert on them,

I didn’t have much citric acid left so I used it all. I eyeballed everything based on how much citric acid seemed to be in the small bowl. Being just for us, I didn’t need it to be extra fizzy or foamy so that’s all there was to this. I also didn’t mind when Athena played around in the mix. It’s not taking anything away from the blend or anything.

We made 6 medium and 1 small ball. 2 have a different colour in the centre than on the outside and the others are mixed layers. With that done though, the 5 kilos of citric acid bought last year were gone. Now I have to go get more and it’s a pretty far drive to go buy (because I use it in such large quantities). Let me know in the comments if you know of anywhere online, or in Ottawa’s East end, that offers inexpensive 5-10kg of citric acid.

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