Jolly Rancher Shot Glasses

I’m perplexed over this DIY. I must have overhyped myself for this or something because it’s not what I expected.

The idea is: take a hard candy and melt it into a shot glass mould. Let cool, pour alcohol in, let alcohol seep into it a bit and drink the sweetened alcohol! That’s basically what happens but I’m still underwhelmed.

Allow me to walk you through this.

First, you need this shot glass mould (I got mine from Michael’s). When you have that, go to the candy store (I went to Bulk Barn and bought jolly ranchers. I also got some plain ol’ round mints.

Second, you tightly pack the shooter mold with Jolly Ranchers or other hard candy.

Once that’s done, melt it at about 120°C (or 250°F). Be advised: this mould doesn’t specify being oven safe, I took a risk putting it in the toaster oven. It turned out just fine which is what I expected from a silicone mould but the application Wilton showed had me worried for a bit there.

Let it melt. Longer than it may seem necessary. You see those gaps in the side of these shooters (seen in the above photo) need to be filled in. Otherwise you end up with an unusable glass.

In the photo above, you will see the bubbles in the glass. It’s because I had the heat on way too high. I’m sure even 300°F would have been fine but for some reason, I started off at 450°F. When they’re fully melted, let them cool. Then, carefully take then out so as to not damage the mold (because the silicone inside the shot seems to stick to the candy).

Perfect for vodka shots

That’s it! You now have shot glasses made just for you!

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