New Craft and an update

Hello there,
As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted new material recently. Working seven days a week kinda does that to a person – takes away from my crafting and overall DIY ing time. I have been catching up on sleep this week outside of work. I was too tired to actually craft up anything but just awake enough to check out new crafts and techniques. You see, I learn these things from the internet. Youtube is my ultimate Go To for these things. It’s where I learned how to crochet, how to knit, how to make soap and tatt. No, not making tattoos, tatting. It’s this weird precursor to knitting or crochet that involves making knots in series to create a pattern. It kinda looks like this:

Pinterest didn’t have a link to the original poster of this photo 🙁

I haven’t had much chance to practice let alone take any photos of this. I have only taken a couple of photos recently and those were of my gardening or my kid having fun.

I’m super excited about my Loofah! Natural exfoliates grown on my own vines, in my own backyard, I hope they all grow well! I’ve got big plans for my garden again this year. I do plan on going through with it this year so stay tuned for some woodworking posts in the weeks to come! 😉

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