Working 7 days a week has really taken a toll on my crafting. That’s why you haven’t heard much of me here either. I’ve been meaning to do stuff but of course, when I had the time for it, I was too tired or too lazy for it.

A few weeks ago now, I told a colleague I’d make a candle with the wonderful floral fragrance I blend. It smells different in the candle but it’s amazing anyway!

Not much to talk about on this one. I melted the wax, added my blended fragrance and a bit of pigmented beeswax for colouring, poured the mix in cute jars and let it sit for a while. Once they settled, I added the rest of the wax mix and voila! 2 beautiful candles ready to be lit. This also reminded me that mosquito season is close and I should make citronella candles too!

I must say though that summer fast approaching means I’m starting plants from seeds. Again this year, I’m most excited for the luffa. I planted all the seeds I had left from last year. I hope they all sprout and actually grow to full size vines so I can have more than one luffa this fall.

I do know that I’ll have a lot of peppers! I’ve promised a bunch of people I’d make more pimenta (Portuguese pepper paste). So I prepared a bunch of pepper plants just for that!

Well, outside of work, that’s basically what I’ve been up to for the past nearly 2 weeks. What have you been up to?

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