OH MY GOD, I am thrilled about what I did today! It’s been one of those productive days for me in terms of crafts an a crappy day on almost every other front.  Bon, I won’t go into details on that front for various reasons so let’s stick to why you’re here: what I today.


I love scrubs. Sugar scrubs, salts scrubs, with fragrances or without. They leave my skin SO incredibly soft! I don’t use them too often though because they are oil based and thus make the shower dangerously slippery. I had an idea on how to remedy that but couldn’t apply it really. Well, until recently that is.



Remember that liquid soap paste I had made? Well I knew I could whip that up so, I did. I added a bit of water to it. Then mixed in a bit of Vitamin E oil and Parisian Classic fragrance from New Directions aromatics and a bit of purple mica I had from a long time ago. The purple did nothing, a few drops of brown food colourant and a hint of red/orange mica did the trick though!


I used the mixer to whip it all up and VOILA! Whipped soap, a perfect base to scrubs. I’ll have to test it tonight but I hope it will solve the slipperiness while leaving the skin super soft. I did opt to make what I thought was half sugar and half with salt… Turns out the salt solidified the mix and made just 2 jars whereas the sugar behaved and made a bunch of jars. It was a fun experiment and one I’ll have to replicate!


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