More bath bombs

My god it’s been a while since I’ve had time to craft. I’ve taken on a second part time job and I’m now working 7 days a week. Healthcare needs more dedicated workers! I shouldn’t be doing this forever but it’ll be nice to have some extra funds to actually set a date and prepare for our wedding. Plus, I REALLY want a new electric car and a fancy one too. Even with the government discount, it’s more expensive than I’d like to spend on a new car ?. I figure this is the only way for me to make that happen.

That and the daily family stuff doesn’t leave much time for hobbies. I’ve only tested the bubble bath since my last post and that makes great bubbles that fade in no time. I’m kinda troubleshooting that on the side. Meanwhile I was trying to find inspiration on making a functional bath bomb press myself so I could have weight accurate bath bombs. I’ve also been inspired on curing racks for those. I have a pretty good idea of what I’ll do and you’ll hear all about it when/if I get around to making it.

Combine that and our long term outage of bath bombs for the kid here: it was obviously going to turn into bath bomb making night. I’ve inserted a hatchimals inside and made them blue and white. I cannot stress enough how much I love the bath bomb colorants from Candora! I’ve hardly used any out of the sampler and I already want to “replenish” my stock.

Ok, ok, I really want a workshop but it’s really just another reason to work more. In any case, Athena and I say together and mixed the ingredients together and it was all good fun. Here’s the result as it dries up a bit.

Pretty cool if you ask me. Now I need to go buy more citric acid from the chemical supplies store. I really want to find out who supplies citric acid to the health food store in Billings bridge. They had the best quality citric acid and close to the cheapest price (barely second to BSC chemicals) but in such small quantities in comparison.

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