Soap Stones

I LOVE cold process soap. It is smooth, natural and it feels so good on the hands. That’s because (according to my readings on this) it kills the virus or bacteria without stripping you’re skin’s natural oils. The charcoal and zinc oxide soap I’ve done is still malleable despite that it’s technically usable.

Soap rocks in the making

I had spotted this soap on Pinterest and I was already totally in love with soaps shaped like river rocks. It was only a matter of having the fresh and stone coloured cold process soap for me to make this. It is meant to look like rocks in resin. I’ve made a couple with a woodsy/grassy scent and the others are lavender.


I think they turned out AMAZING! The soap looks like rocks, granted a bit more like gravel but it’s really the look I was going for with this! I am so happy with the turnout of these, I can’t wait to share them!


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