Bubble bath

Liquid soap paste

Remember that liquid soap paste I made? Two things struck me today: it’s still maleable, and would surely make a cool bobble bath.

On that first point, I could probably mix that with something to make soap playdough. I’ll see how that works and let you know.

But the real reason for this post is that I decided today to dilute some more paste and add SLSA, a bubbling agent. This should result in bubble bath. I’ve decided to dilute it in a mason jar this time as it seemed to dilute more easily at room temperature last time. I took one heart of paste and covered it up with water. To this I added 3tsp of SLSA and about 15cc of orange red shimmering Mica. Mixed it up a bit and left it on the shelf.

Bubble bath in the making

I’ve fragranced it with a Blackberry Fig fragrance that smells youthful and fun. I LOVE the shimmer this Mica has! It’s mesmerizing. Now, we wait!

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