Unusual week

Mid way through March break, I’ve come to realize that I have not posted over the weekend nor today. I have not crafted. I have not made… anything. It’s been a long week. I’ve had a head cold and worked every single day over the past 8 days. Tomorrow will be my only day off with my little family and I will enjoy every moment of it! I don’t even care if there’s an incessant blizzard out, I will do something fun with my man and kid.

I do apologise for the boring week. I did go out to the sugar bush one day. Maybe it was the glass of maple sap, maybe it was all the walking around from tree to tree, heck, maybe it was just the steam of the shack where the maple sap was boiling! I sure felt much better the next day! It’s an experience to repeat for sure!

I have USED some of my recent creations though. Next week, I will be sending the cosmetic notifications for the few new recipes I’ve made and love to re-open the shop.

The Night & Day black and white bar is nice and lathering but I should have removed it from its mould before, it’s still pretty soft despite the use of sodium lactate. I thought it would make this bar much harder much faster but we’ll see once they’ve fully cured. Here’s another preview:

I’ve also loved the charcoal and clay mask so much, I’ve used it two more times already! My skin just feels SO awesome after, I love it! I even convinced my daughter to put some on her face, considering she cried when water gets on her clothes and avoids getting dirty, I was so happy to have her “dirty” lol.

But the most fun was playing outside in the snow! Rebuilding the fort-tunnel and having a family snow fight.

Not bad for a busy work week right?

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