New Soap

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, new soap is on the way! I love the looks of this batch. This one is my own recipe. To make a longer lasting bar, I added some sodium lactate. Seeing the white is zinc oxide and the black is charcoal, they shouldn’t blend. I seriously hope it doesn’t blend because this bar will look so awesome if it stays pretty much the way it currently is.

I ran the recipe through Brambleberry’s lye calculator app using the oils I had and it resulted in this recipe:

517 g Water
217 g (NaOH) sodium hydroxide
3 tsp Sodium Lactate
271 g Coconut Oil (76-92 F)
368 g Avocado Oil
326 g Lard
172 g Sunflower Seed Oil
172 g Sweet Almond Oil
258 g Castor Oil
Yield: 2.30 kg

Interestingly enough, my stick blender came apart. I can still use it but it’s strange that the rubber seam broke before the motor. Maybe not, it gets to blend caustic soda into a liquid that irritates my skin… I can only imagine it would destroy the seal. Anyway, the blades fall down a bit then stop blending. I can push them back in place and use it for now but I feel I’ll need a new stick blender soon.

It lasted me a long while. I’ll gladly get another one and make more soap for your viewing pleasure! Who am I kidding, I’ll make more for my own making pleasure ?

I was so proud of myself though making this batch. I got the oils and sodium hydroxide in a 2°F of one another – #Win

I even managed the lightest trace (I wanted fluid mixture to make nice rings in the mould) though it quickly thickened up with the fragrance oil I used. The Bamboo Teak from New Directions smells so nice though, I just had to use it! I split up the soap in 2 pouring containers and mixed a bit of zinc oxide in the first and some charcoal in the next. I added more charcoal than necessary and I think that it might just inhibit the lather a bit… we’ll see in 6 weeks.

I love how it turned out so far! I might use more of the white than black for the rings next time around for a stronger contrast. I will possibly use a different fragrance to keep it runny longer. Overall though, I’d call this a success! How do you like the looks so far?

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