Crafty Day

Today was a crafty kind of day. I’ve diluted more liquid soap (I didn’t like the birch oil scent) with a cookie fragrance. Made a new batch of lip balm testing out a few tastes. Lastly, I made some bath bombs with re-used Shopkins.

So for starters: liquid soap. I went with a 1:1 paste to water this time. I wanted a creamier, thicker soap and this felt like the way to go. I added colourant to it, fragranced it with the freebie from Candora which was Snickerdoodle Cookie fragrance oil. I’m not so fond on the Birch essential oil on its own. In moderation it sorta smells like old pink peppermint candy but after washing my hands, it turns unpleasant on me. The Snickerdoodle, on the other hand, doesn’t change after use on my hands.

It feels as nice but smells miles better!

While that was melting, I melted some oils, butters and beeswax up. Flavoured them with 3 aromas: Apple cinnamon, cotton candy and chocolate covered strawberries. I hope they don’t turn grainy like the last one did. It’s like it seperated over time. This batch should be just fine.

Apple cinnamon is weak in flavour. Same for cotton candy but the strawberry is powerful. I’ll surely make more of the others too but the strawberry today won the battle. Though I will later try a blend of apple, cinnamon and cotton candy to see if I can make something like apple pie. That, however, will have to be for later, when I have confirmation of how this batch behaves. Assuming it performs well, it’ll be my master recipe I’ll be submitting for lip balms!

Just before our kid got back from school, I whipped up some bath bombs. I used the Blue Lake bath bomb colourant I recently bought and I totally overdid it. I thought “¼ tsp wasn’t enough in the last batch, I’ll double it up” but foolishly forgot that the last batch was more than twice this size and it was a red powder instead of the blue. Needless to say that the heaping ½ tsp was too much for what the batch really needed. It blended so well though, I didn’t expect that little to make that much colour! They’re still pretty neat and turned out like this:

Once in the water, the bath turned out like that:

It’s vibrant, that’s for sure! A huge contrast with the pink pony in the water.

Even though I put some of her old Shopkins in them, my daughter was excited to have a surprise inside. She grabbed the bath bombs and crumbled it up for the surprise inside. Her hands were super blue and looked stained but luckily that is water soluble and went away with the water. It didn’t even stain anythingin or around the bathtub! I’ve got to purchase full size version as this was a sample size. That sample will last a little while but I love it.

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