Easier Than It Sounds

Hello again!

Sorry I missed Sunday’s post. I’ve been working and couldn’t get myself to concoct anything new or different. Today however, I had a day off and I really wanted a re-do on the liquid soap I’ve done.

This time, I’ve done things better. I put hot potash in hot oils, I stirred more evenly, I heated the mixture more securely. I don’t know if it was the crock pot that made a difference (I doubt it) or just the temperature of my ingredients but they went well and that’s all that matters!

Call me crazy but I was looking for something that could blend for extended periods of time without burning out. So I used the beaters. Yes they incorporate some air but it’s manageable in this specific case. It was nice to see soap behaving properly for a change. It went through its stages as it should and became legit soap.

It turned out! Ok, I’m still trying to dilute a bit of it but that may just be to soon or too little water. So far I’m at a 2:1 ratio of water to paste. I’ll let you know what I end up with this time.

Update: So I ended up with almost exactly 2:1 water to paste ratio. It turns out that just letting the paste sit in the water during the day, with the crock pot off, diluted the paste better than with the heat on! I added some birch essential oil to the mix and a bit of glycerine and titanium dioxide to the mix and it is awesome!

More photos of the finished product to come.

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