Galaxy Soap

I’ve been experimenting with techniques and ingredients recently. Now that I have a ton of stuff, I can make extra fizzy bath bombs, face masks but right now, I tell you more about how the galaxy soap turned out.

I was inspired to do this following a trend on YouTube that made it to a channel I follow called Threadbagner to make galaxy stuff. I hadn’t seen it in soap and figured it would be a cool bar to make.

I’ve melted a bunch of clear glycerine soap to which I added: some birch tar my brother made, some birch essential oil blend and a bamboo teak fragrance oil. Then, I took that soap base, split it up in 4 unequal parts. In the largest part, I added 3/4 teaspoon charcoal along with black glitter and a steel shimmer mica. Then in the next I just added some Galaxy purple Mica. In another, just glitter then in the last, some zinc oxide, Mica and some glitter.

I had a tad too much soap so I poured the excess in a small stars mould. I like how they turned but I need to put a little more white into the mix. I do think it’ll show up as we use it but until then it’s more black than anything.

Despite the birch tar that turned the mix brown and despite the charcoal and the micas, putting a flashlight underneath does make a change in colour. It’s SO cool!

What do you think?! Let me know in the comments.

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