Well, with the holidays over and just a few weeks to go before St-Valentine’s day I ordered some supplies ? like… A lot of stuff. We’ll see new colours, scents and testing out techniques! I’m super excited for this! I genuinely can’t wait to receive the stuff.

Well, with the bleeding colours I do have, I went ahead and layered soap. I will let it sit for a few weeks and see how it turns out. I’m hoping it’ll turn into a nice gradient. Right now it looks like this:

As if that wasn’t enough, I was so pressed to try out my new poop emoji? mould I didn’t even stop to think about the soaps’ eyes and mouth. The thought was good. Make a clear soap with coffee grounds and to make it more appealing to men, it’s fragranced with sandalwood, pine, patchouli and melaleuca oil. I thought I could make nice concentric circles of white soap on the edge of the mould then pour the coffee soap and have it look fairly normal. They don’t look bad but next one will be the same, except the base will be white (making the coffee turn it brown) pour it in, then melt the white soap and “paint” the eyes and mouth on. Despite their unlovable look, these bad boys are surprisingly awesome! They’re easily hand held and that makes them SO easy to use. I’m going to make them happen and awesome!

I SO can’t wait for my order to arrive and until then I’ll be dreaming of all the stuff I’ll be making with those colours and fragrances and waxes and oils!! Until then, here’s the ugly poo

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