New Product Excitement

Earlier this week, I brought in some product samples as my colleagues wanted to see what was available.  That day, I had a sample sugar scrub I had whipped up with an “Apple Pomegranate” fragrance I have.  It was a hit with a colleague of mine who ordered a few bars of soap in that scent.

I went home that night and made these:

They smell edible.  I strongly recommend you don’t eat them.  I haven’t even bothered looking into the effects of eating soap but as good as it smells, it tastes like soap and perfume all in one.  I know because I cleaned up the extra soap in the pot with my bare hands and ended up biting my nails later with soap residue in them.  It’s definitely horrible even in small quantities.  My daughter learned that the hard way and the soap she bit into (to get a toy inside).

Had I had more time, I would have tried making a flat thin green layer, put that on the outer side of a round mould like a Pringles can or a PVC pipe, made thin black soaps (to represent seeds), pour some white soap in the bottom, put the black “seeds” in there, once that was solid enough, pour the rest of the way in white soap.  Next time I have a day off without Holiday celebrations, I will definitely try that out.  I know it’ll look amazing.  In the meantime though, these are super cute and fun and will leave you wanting more!

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