As I keep making stuff, I keep seeing more and this is even more awesome than I ever expected this to become.  I didn’t think I’d be selling these to so many people by now!  I’d love to have long term feedback.  I love input and ideas if any of you want to include it here.  Pinterest is nice but real discussions are a ton more interesting! 

I can hardly keep up with the bath bombs requests right now!  I LOVE it!  The best part is they’re all different.  I think that’s my favourite part, seeing all the different personalities of the various people who request them.  

Right now, I am building up inventory for people who haven’t tried them to have an idea of what is available whenever they’re curious.  The bath bombs are super simple, just the basic baking soda, citric acid, tapioca starch, Epsom salt, oil, colourant and fragrance or essential oil.  I’m going to attempt a switch to coconut oil rather than mineral or olive oil.  I’m curious to see what difference it makes in the end product.  In the meantime, enjoy this visual of my soaps inventory.

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