Preparing for Christmas

My goodness, we’re already in the 12 days of Christmas!  Christmas gift crunch is upon us and time is of the essence when it comes gift making.  I’ve gathered the supplies and the store is still being updated with available products.  There will be a couple of gift baskets, more bath bombs, some scrubs and I’ll try to make some whipped soap to make a soap based scrubs.  

I figure the scrubs being soap based will be more useable.  I find that the oil based scrubs make the bath tub SO slippery, I’m only using them in the bath rather than the shower and ultimately, it means I practically don’t use them.  With a soap based scrub, I could kill two birds with one stone.  

Coming to think of it, I’ll make some scented Epsom salt as well as bath oils.  The combination should prove awesome.  Coupled up with some loofah or washcloth, that will make the perfect gift!

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