Another Kids’ Bath Product

As you may know, I recently made these awesome Shopkins bath bombs. If you missed them, check out my previous post. I figured I needed something to go along with them; something just as fun! Something even boys could like: DINOSAURS (which my daughter, while playing, told her toys “this week’s letter is z as in dinozaur”)!

A glimpse into the embeds I used

Then I melted some melt and pour and some leftover soap from previous batches in order to make the top and bottom. Mixed in some blue (the same that is in the clear middle – I didn’t want another colour bleed issue) and some purple shimmery colourant and some blackberry fig fragrance. I am starting to think I’m just a sucker for scents now. Still in light scents but MAN, I love every one of them so far. This smells yummy! As in is eat something in front of me if it smelled like this soap. Then I poured some of the base colour in a silicone loaf pan and let it sit to harden.

Before the clear layer

Once that was hard enough, I placed the little toys on top and poured in some clear soap with 2 drops of blue. In hindsight, 2 drops was too much for this but it’s still turning out to leave the toys visible so, it’s not so bad. The mixture was also fragrances with the BlackBerry Fig fragrance.

Once that hardened I poured the last top layer from the same base as the bottom and we were in business! I waited a couple of hours for the whole thing to harden and set. Then cut slices eyeballing the cut to hopefully be within the 2mm gap or so between the toys. Athéna and I were scared I was going to cut into a toy every slice I was taking off. The tension was high, the pressure was intense but we made it with every slice intact! I’m super happy about that! The soaps look amazing! Hopefully kids are going to enjoy this one as much as mine.

Surprise soap bars completed
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