Fun Fizz

Today I had some fun.  I had these Shopkins from this summer that were meant to be inserted in bath bombs and soaps that I had not yet made.  I figured they would make a cool Christmas gift and decided it was time for me to start making them.

I opted for a lilac scent since I was fascinated with those even as a child.  It also allows for a lilac coloured bath bomb that’s sure to please the same audience that would like Shopkins.

A sneak peak before sealing the bath bomb

I know the floral scent won’t be suitable for everyone and I will be making more of the Shopkins bath bombs in fruity scents but I LOVE the smell in my house today! It’s beginning to look like Christmas but it sure smells like spring!  I’m happy that the purple turned out to be pretty close to lilac colour too.  

Come to think of it, I think I’ll make some non-surprise lilac bath bombs and match that up with some lilac soaps to gift my kid’s educators and bus driver.  It should help relax over the holidays. 

Batch preview of lilac Shopkins bath bombs
Not meant for toddlers as the Shopkins is small enough to pose a choking hazard
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