The importance of ingredients

When looking up ways to make things some crafters mention how important certain things are to the craft they’re doing. I pay attention but when the reason why NOT to use something isn’t shown or explained, I get suspicious on the info.  

After making a bunch of single colour soaps and mixing colours, I thought the whole bleeding colours vs non-bleeding colours was overhyped.  I didn’t think about it but when I did mix colours, they were non-bleeding colours.  So when I made my pride and joy : the Canada bar Soap, I just went ahead and used the liquid soap colouring from Michael’s.

That was a mistake.  The soap looks AWESOME still BUT (this is a big but) the red clearly bled into the white.  That totally explained everything that the YouTubers of the soaping world were talking about.  I now have red and pinkish white soap flags.  That is colour bleed.  There’s no mistaking the fact it’s the Canada flag.  I still love every single bar.  They just look like this now:

What happens using a bleeding colour

I still don’t understand why the bars bled more than the leaf but the difference is noticable.  I see practically no bleeding from the leaf. It’s the same colourant… I don’t know what’s happening there. But yeah, that’s why I need to be more careful about what type of colouring I use from now on.

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