Different Craft

Today I’m returning to crochet for a fun Christmas gift.  My daughter LOVES My Little Pony AND Phineas and Ferb.  We somehow stumbled upon an image of “My Little Perry”: a mashup of My Little Pony and Perry the Platypus.  I was inspired!  I had already seen My Little Pony tuques crocheted and Perry the Platypus hats so this was going to be an interesting mashup.

And so it starts. I think I’ll do a perry coloured, pony faced hat, with a Perry the Platypus hat and a Perry the platypus tail that wraps around the face. It would serve as both a tuque and a neck warmer. Athéna can’t have a scarf at school so this will work well as a replacement if it turns out!

Interestingly, the second I pulled out yarn to start the hat (I didn’t think Athéna would know what I was making), she loudly and excitedly told me I was making a my Little Perry hat. I guess that image stuck with her too ?. Here’s a colour preview for now.

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