Oh the joy I have!!

About a month ago, I saw a YouTube thumbnail with a person holding a giant bath bomb and I was totally in awe.  I couldn’t figure out how they could have done that.  I wanted to make one!  How could I possibly?  No such mould could exist so how could I make one? I knew bath bombs could be made in just about anything. I thought 2 bowls maybe? But ours aren’t round… 

The idea was stuck in the back of my head behind all the real issues of life.  When I ran out of Baking Soda I went to get more and spotted an extra large plastic Christmas ornament that totally filled the checklist for making a giant bath bomb.   

Pre Christmas ornament deconstruction

It’s plastic and perfect! I cut it in half and made a giant batch of bath bomb mixture.  It felt AMAZING! Since Christmas is fast approaching I’ve also been meaning to make candy cane stuff.  I adore the scent of peppermint, this scent was bound to happen.  

Deconstructed Christmas ornament

It felt so satisfying to have it hold up! I had such low expectations for this, I mean, I had no idea how well this was going to work out.  I love novelty stuff and this sure is one.  It freaking weighs 818 grams!  That is about the same as 7 normal sized bath bombs!  There isn’t any sulfates (chemical irritant that solely does bubbles and irritate the skin and some versions could be bad for our health) so it won’t be extra bubbly despite it’s extra size but it’ll be even more soothing (I hope). The downside is that now I want candy canes ?.  Maybe I’ll go to the store and get a couple tomorrow ?

Oversized bath bomb
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