It’s fast approaching!

The weather is changing.  Snow has already fallen, our winter tires are on and Christmas is just over a month away! I’m considering attending a charity event where I can sell my crafts and I have a feeling the soaps won’t be the star of the show.  I am thinking of going vague and crafty with spa kits, movie night kits, bath gift baskets and, of course, individual soaps and bath products. 

To test out the waters and the costs, I’ve decided to make a couple of “Spa in a Jar” kits and a “Mani/Pedi in a Jar”.  I’m still working out the costs but they are SUPER CUTE!  They hold some nail polish, polish remover, lip balm, nail clippers, files, the spa jars even host a bath bomb, a soap and a pretty white and purple loofah!

Spa in a jar

I’ve finally figured out the cost for the bath bombs and am ordering in some shrink wraps for the lip balm (you know what they say: sealed for safety! … I think it’s “boiled for safety” but close enough right?). It’ll be more professional that way.  All I need now is some ink for my printer, so I can put a pretty label and ribbon around the jar and we’re in business!  If I do have the specific weekend off work, I’ll sign up for the charity craft fair and hope some people are looking for some funky gifts because these are sure to please!

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