Lip Balm

With the cold weather upon us, and our heating system being baseboard electric, my skin and lips are starting to feel dry.  As a remedy to that, I have made a batch of lip balms.  This one has a hint of cherry to it!

I have made lip balms before but never cared to write down the ratios of oils and beeswax used.  I wasn’t quite happy with the ratios on the last batch so I whipped one up last week and I love it!  I still put a hint of cherry flavouring in it but I upped the amount of beeswax and recorded the amounts for a perfect batch.  I put in 13g of beeswax, 14g of coconut oil and 5g of avocado oil.  Added to this about 5 drops of concentrated cherry flavouring too and it’s awesome!

Lightly Cherry LipBalm
Freshly made lip balm
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