Challenge Accepted!

Today, I visited my parents and my brother  happened to be there.  He and I discussed my soap making and another soap I considered making but didn’t have the tools to.  From there, he and his girlfriend proceeded to give me ideas on how to proceed to make those.  The trick is actually quite simple though arguably could cost more than the alternative “buy it ready made” option.  

I want long shapes for inserts.  Basically put: a mould the length of my loaf, in the form of, say, a flower or an object.  This would simplify the flag and any other such soaps I’d want to make with inserts. Their technique is cheap but time consuming. Worst part is: if a similar thing already exists, it might not save me to make it instead of buying it. 

The idea is to make a solid version of what I want.  The talk was about a Lilium and a Trillium for the Franco-ontarien flag if like to make.

Then I came back home and watched YouTube videos of people’s craft show displays (I’m contemplating registering for a Christmas show) and ended up somehow back on my original challenge: soap dishes and cheap containers. As I was watching people make cute wooden soap dishes, I had the idea of making soap hammocks.  Right now, I don’t know exactly how I’d make the hammock stand but I know of and have all the materials I’ll need! I do hope it works out.  It’d be nice to offer a little something to go along with the bars.

Now I have a couple of challenges to accomplish and I’m up for it!  

Hinking at the Plaisance Falls

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