Little frustration UPDATE

If you’ve seen my previous blog post, you’ll know that I had lost every recording of my bath bombs and laundry soap and therefore had to re-film these for my soon to be launched YouTube channel.

Somehow, they were on there then but inaccessible.  With a simple program, I was able to bring them up and use them for editing.  Obviously, the video is not going to be some fancy work of art but it’ll be better than the original recording.  With practice, I’ll get better so bare with me on that front. 

So today I’m playing around with Shotcut, a free video editing software.   I should upload the first video tomorrow or at least I hope I will.  We’re doing some work on the house and tomorrow will probably be a great day to do that.

When it’s up, I’ll link the video here.  Until then, have a good time!

Fog lifts near my home – represents metaphorical fog lifting in my life
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