Little frustration

I have been filming me making my crafts in the hope to launch a YouTube channel showing off how I make stuff.  Most of what I had filmed was stuff I make often: bath bombs, soap, lip balm (I’ll have to make a new batch in a week or two).  

The frustration starts from the fact that somehow, the folders are on the card but there’s nothing in them.  I wonder if wiping my computer wiped the files. That problem has led me to loose the footage of my making the laundry soap.  I have enough for months of use and won’t be making any more until then.  I guess that will have to wait to make it there.  I lost the footage of the good bath bombs batch. That isn’t really a problem though since I’ll be making those tomorrow again. 

It sucks that the channel will have to wait but it’s not like I’m an expert at any of those makings.  I’m still perfecting the crafts so it’ll just be better in the next round. It’s all about the silver lining right?

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