Beer Soap

A few years ago, I discovered and introduced a few friends to soapmaking. It was an eye opening experience for most of us. Such an easy process with such wonderful return, I thought. A couple of friends of mine enjoyed the experience but soapmaking isn’t their thing, I really loved the experience.

I’ve since made a few more batches each with their own qualities to them and when I learned that such a thing as beer soap existed, I just had to try it! The timing was great too; I had volunteered at a charity show where the artists required a case of beer and most of the case was left untouched. I grabbed one and took it home. It was some random beer I’d never heard of: Vagabond. This Vagabond company (the company is really Étienne Brulé brewery) was foreign to me and I figured it would be cool to waste alcohol by making soap with it lol. If anyone is intrigued, by fluke, my brother choose that for the keg at our dad’s big b’day party and the thing left surprisingly empty and everyone said they loved it! Even I enjoyed it and I don’t drink beer normally.

Anyway, that party was taking place mid cure time for my Soap and I almost forgot all about them. I don’t even think I have them a proper spot on my Facebook shop? but here they are now! I even was able to shape one of them into a mug when it was fresh, I’m still impressed at how simple it was! I especially love the fact that this is great for you in that it replaces your body’s natural oils as you sanitize them.

Next time I come across free Étienne Brulé Beer though, I will be on the fence about what to do with it; drink it or soap it

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