Crafting Day

I had fun today!

I made a few things: melt and pour soap, massage oil and Bath Bombs.

To be honest, I didn’t really do much to “make” the massage oil. I don’t even know if it it’s fair to say I “made” that. It’s just vegetable glycerine and a blend of fragrance and essential oils (skin safe) that I put together in a 30 ml jar. I didn’t “make” much because I don’t know if it’s officially useable for massage therapists. I have done no research yet on that front so I didn’t want to make a bottle larger than that if it isn’t compliant for the industry. But yeah, that’s it!

I’ll let you know how it works out.

I didn’t have a small bottle and chose to reuse this hotel shampoo bottle. The twist area of the neck of the bottle broke when I tried to close it.

A single drop of essential oil seems to have burnt the plastic.

I then made bath bombs. I wanted to do something a little different by putting this Hello Kitty icing decoration. It sort of worked. The white back is flat and that complicated things, in that it was hard to keep it on the bath bomb once I pressed it. You’ll see in the photo that the face of the kitty is partly covered with compressed powder that I wasn’t able to brush off. I enjoy the blend of lavendre, lilac and rose garden oils I chose. The pink matches it very well. I’m still trying to work out the perfect ingredient ratio for them. I’m close but it’s not as good as I want it to be.

On the other hand, I have these new stainless steel bath bomb moulds I got through so far, I love them! They yeild the best shape. They are not perfectly spherical but I love them because they have a hardly noticeable flat side on either side to allow the bath bombs to stay in place when you put them to dry. The 6.3cm size (they came in 2 diameter sizes, the other being 7.2cm) I find too small. The 7.2cm is the size I love. I like the idea of fancy bath bomb inserts but these sugar ones don’t melt at the same rate as the rest. I guess that’s another thing for me to search ?.

One of these might be gifted to a grown up 😀

The melt and pour soap is a soap base that I got from Michael’s whenever they have a half off or even 55% off coupon. Prepared some of that with an attempt at using a glycerine titanium dioxide to whiten the dark purple, it made an almost grey colour. I put more scent then before so that the soap will hopefully retrain its scent longer. I must say: lavender isn’t my personal favourite but I’m really starting to like it! It’s calming and relaxing (but it melted plastic). Still, it’s really not the Grandma scent I once claimed it was (or I’m just getting old ?. I like the size of the bars but this rigid mold is starting to break despite its only 3 uses! I’ll have to get a silicone version of it if I keep on making such bars. No need for it right now though because I have tons of other silicone moulds I can use that yeild great bars.

Speaking of soap bars, I’m thinking of buying soap dishes from Alibaba. They’re incredibly cheap (haha, my swipe thought I was writing “crap” instead of “cheap”!) But would surely take many weeks to get here from China. Would make some neat gifts though.

It’s so shiny!
I’m almost afraid to touch them. I don’t want to run their shine!

So that’s how productive I’ve been today. Tomorrow, I make a mini batch of home made liquid laundry soap (and an attempt at laundry pods because they use the same ingredients). So you’ll see new content soon!

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