A Different Way That Didn’t Work Out

Bath Bombs
An attempt at doing things differently.

I’ve been making bath bombs these days.  It’s my daughter’s favorite bath treat.  She loves the colored water and glitter or shimmer they provide her bath time with. We sometimes make a couple together and the excess gets hand shaped and used in the sink for our own enjoyment! Even I like the feeling of that fizz in my hands, I can’t hide that.

After about 30 different “eyeballed” batches, I decided to make a measured batch to see exactly how much of a specific ingredient goes in. Then I could fix my label if I need to.  I also split my batch in half because I thought I could do 2 colours. I even decided to try and mix the fragrance, corn starch and Epsom salt with some witch hazel and oil BEFORE putting in the baking soda and citric acid. The idea there was to minimize fizz reaction.  The result was a mess.  There was far too much liquid for the half batch of solid so I added some citric acid and baking soda to both.  To the point where I couldn’t even stir with my whisk and resorted to using my stand mixer! I added more citric acid, Epsom salts and a bit more baking soda.  Proceed to empty out my corn starch in etc.  Then it seemed fine but within seconds it felt WAY too dry.  [SARCASM] Great [/SARCASM].  Add more liquid and what should have been 3 cups of bath bomb mix ended up being close to 15 cups.  No joke, I had 2 mixing bowls (1 was the bowl of the stand mixer!) going for this mixture.  I was too stubborn to let it go even when I tried and failed to make a semi sturdy sphere but I figured it sorta works in the hard silicone mould (I had a crumbled up bath bomb on the and it compacted well) so I thought “F*#& it, I’ll just make them all that way!” I ended up with 11 bath bombs and we had about 3 left in loose powder to have fun with. The 11 are still crumbly and are definitely not to my standard ?but they kinda fizz. I think part of my problem at that point was that the mix was almost an hour long and the blend ended up with too much granules causing their breakage upon moulding and unmoulding the mix.

In relations to those bath bombs, I found citric acid semi locally at the best price around: BSC on IBER Rd in Ottawa has it for just over 27$ for 5kg after taxes or about 0.55¢ per 100g! This is great news for moi and customers because I can charge for less than my next best option who had 100g at 62¢.  If you know of other suppliers for these types of products, please let me know in the comments!

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